Phase II environmental site assessments

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II or Stage II ESA) is an intrusive investigation of a property conducted to determine the location and concentration of one or more contaminants at a property by analyzing samples of soil, groundwater, and sediment, if present, at a property. Phase II ESA’s are designed to define the physical characteristics of the subsurface (soil type, groundwater conditions, groundwater flow direction, etc.) and to determine the magnitude and distribution of contaminants in soil, sediments or water. A Phase II typically results from recommendations of a Phase I ESA or known environmental impacts such as a fuel spill. Phase II ESA’s are completed in accordance with CSA Standard Z769-00.

In general, previous uses that can typically create the need for a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment include: gas stations, dry cleaners, machine shops, manufacturing, hazardous waste storage, former industrial site.

We look at the specific site and develop a strategy to minimize costs and maximize information in order to make accurate conclusions regarding the presence of a significant problem. Kollaard Associates has dealt with many different types of contaminants, most commonly petroleum products, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and chlorinate solvents.

If contamination is found to be significant and/or to exceed Ministry standards for human-health risk, a site characterization is required to help establish the vertical and lateral extent of a contamination plume.

You receive a detailed summary of the extent of the contamination discovered at your property through a thorough investigation and can provide specific remedial solutions.

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